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  August 2014


pishawlJenn is more than flirting with Pi Shawls at this point...

but, rather, is done her first Pi Shawl.

What a simple and satisfying knit. the Pi Shawl is a circular shawl worked from the center out. This one has a simple garter stitch border worked perpendicular to the shawl around the outer edge which means no epic bind off (just an epic border). There may already be discussions contemplating what the NEXT one will be knit out of! While there is an admittedly fiddly start to this project, once you have worked up to enough stitches to pop it onto a 16" circular needle, this project is like having an old friend beside you for all the social knitting opportunites that arise.

Oh... that clever Elizabeth Zimmerman! While there are many versions of super lacey and complicated Pi Shawls, this super simple, clean and classic piece will get soooo much wear. Made with just 2 balls of Juniper Moon Findley, it is a show stopper! You can find the pattern in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Book The Knitter's Almanac.

Perhaps we should have Pi Shawl cast-on clinic one day in the fall for those of you thinking that a little support group might be what gets you over the hump in starting this truly fabulous project! After summer vacations are through and the humidity has passed we will pick a Sunday afternoon and cast-on together. If you are interested, give us a call or send us an email and we will start an email list so we can let you know when we plan on hosting a cast-on demo!



Hooked on this Great Crochet Blanket...barbs

Anyone who has been into the shop over the last few months has likely noticed that we are absolutely addicted to crocheting up the African Flower Hexagon motifs and each of us at team purl, has decided it is time for a new cozy blanket in our life. This cheery design has absolutely endless colour possibilities!

Progress Report...

Rosa is approaching the assmebly of her small blankie too... no photots yet... shhh, it is a present!

Lisa took her project vacationing and we are super excited to see the progress when she is back!

Austen has been posting her progress regularly on her charming blog.

Jenn has been adding and subtracting colours and arranging and rearranging until her heart is content. She thinks she finally has settled on a plan of attack. We will see how far these little gems progress by the end of August.

Miko is has finished assembling her baby blanket and, with ends all sewn in, is embarking on the border plans. So cheery and pretty!


To see the progress of all the others joining in our CAL check out the

PP-CAL-2014 project page on Ravelry!



Purple Purl In The Media...

Did you know that our Purl of a shop was used as film set for the upcoming feature movie "The F Word" that will be coming out in theatres August 22nd? They filmed about 2 summers ago and the movie was introduced at TIFF last year. It is now hitting the big screen this month! It has been pretty exciting all around to be a part of this adventure.

theFwordThe lovely people at eOne asked us if they could use our shop as an interview location for one of the segments they are doing promoting the movie For eTalk, July 22nd, so we got to hang out with Megan Park and Danielle McGimsie and the crew! They were kind enough to take a photo with us! You can catch the eTalk segment here! (Around 19 minutes in)

And then later that evening we attended the red carpet Toronto Premier of the "The F Word" starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Meghan Park and Adam Driver.

It was really cool to see a movie made and set in Toronto. Lots of familiar sites and sets and, of course, seeing our purl of a shop on the big screen, as itself, made it even more amazing! (Not that we are biased at all!!!!) It was a fun movie, and I am sure we will have an opportunity to have some more fun surrounding it, in the not too far future!

So three important items to note about the shop being the movie:

1 : Our shop looked AMAZING and there is a decent length scene getting a good view of the shop from many angles, close-ups on yarn and our general vibe!

2 : The toy giraffe that Jenn knit for her niece (from Itty Bitty Toys, by Susan Anderson) makes a solid appearance (ok... can be picked out in the background, but is totally there)... and so he is at least a little bit famous...which, of course, will be an exciting story to relate over the years...we are all excited!

3 : The scene in the shop felt like our everyday life! Knitting was portrayed in a positive and real light! A group of friends hanging out, talking about life whilst knitting away on their projects. Just like we do here everyday! Nothing showy. Just real. It was nice!

These are a couple of screen captions that eOne sent over for us to use!


ok.... Squeeee... just a little.



That cute sweater? know, the one Megan Park totally pretended she made in the eTalk segmet? (ok, not really, it was clear she was joking.) That little sweater is a kit we have whipped up in the shop! The pattern is a free Ravelry pattern called Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by The Brown Stitch and we have made up kits of the Shelridge Superwash Worsted with the bits of the rainbow of colours wound off so there is no need to buy 6 whole skeins of the colours when you only need a few grams! A simple, top-down, seamless sweater.


The kit is $40.00 and includes enough yarn to create up to the 12 month size, plus buttons. So barely more than the price of 2 skeins of the yarn to make this colourful, gender neutral, soft, washable and ridiculously cute striped cardigan for that special little one in your life!



Price Corrections = Savings all month long

You are the first to know, Dear Reader, having taken the time to read this newsletter...

Regular retail prices (and therefore our costs) have been steadily increasing over the past couple of years, but we try really hard to keep our prices as low as we can for as long as we reasonably can. But as a small business, we need to make some upward adjustments, to keep up. September 1st will be the day our new pricing goes into effect.


you have the entire month of August to take advantage of the lower prices
on needles, yarns and accessories!


We know it will be a bit of a switch up as people have gotten used to the August "We Don't Want To Count The Inventory" Blow-out, but we are doing things a little differently this year. Instead of the one day sale we are introducing a Sale Section with pretty sweet deals on items that are discountinued or we are replacing on our shelves with some exciting autumn additions! You can expect to see a price slash of 30% on these lines... Get it while it's hot!



Keeping up with the regulations...

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Thank you all, once again, for keeping up-to-date with us! We love to be a part of the unending creativity and challenges you all bring to our shop each and every day! It is so wonderful to see people we taught to knit and crochet now teaching others! It is amazing to see the triumphs of creating that sweater that fits so perfectly. It is heartwarming to hear your words of encouragment. We cherish this purl of a community you continue to support!


Happy Stitching!

Jennifer & Miko


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