Away We Go ... ( updated August 14th)

Hello all!   This is gonna be a long one ... there is a lot of info to share.

It's kinda funny (not funny) that around Christmas break this past year I was ruminating about how life has become so frenetic... about how it would be really great if we could all just take a good solid month long break to reset, to knit, to refill that creative well. And then this happened. The pause that was thrust upon us (and the rest of the world) by COVID-19 presented a unique opportunity to reflect on what I want the next few years to look like.  And I have realized that I need to make some big changes in my day to day, for myself, and to stop putting my personal goals on the back burner.

Our Purl of a Shop will be closing soon. . . It is really not about the COVID slowdown, although it has probably sped up the time line a little. The shop is weathering this storm quite ok. Even through the forced closures, this community has done much more than just keep the lights on! Everything is VERY different but the shop is percolating along.

Our lease renewal is very soon and I needed to make a choice of stay or go. It will never be a good time to make the leap as this decision comes bundled up in a great deal of emotion. But ultimately, it is simply time for this change. We have had just under 13 Fabulous Years of creating wonderful projects together! And the strong friendships that have been forged in this wonderful community are an absolute treasure.

On to what you need to know. . .

The final 2 weeks


* Tuesday - Friday 11:00am-6:00pm  
* Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm
We are closed Sundays and Mondays

Store samples, cafe items, furniture & fixtures will also be available for purchase at the end of August. Once we have had a chance to go through all the items in storage we will let you know the plan.

Soooo . . . that wraps things up for now.  It's a lot to digest . . . More info will come early August as our close date gets finalized. There are a lot of moving parts to this process. The most current information on hours, and how to shop with us is on our website as always . (This is an ever evolving process... please be sure to check our website regularly for the most current information.)


Happy Stitching!

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