Take Care of You!

Is anyone else experiencing a little soreness from the extra knitting time?  I am finding that I may be over doing it little!  The result is needing to stretch more to manage a flair up from tendinitis.

We do need to remember to take care of our hands and bodies with all this wonderful stitching time!  It really is a full body activity. Consider how you sit! Do you lean to one side? Do you cross your legs? Are your shoulders relaxed? Are you straining your neck and between your shoulders to look down? Then there is your hands. Do you stop at each row to wiggle your fingers and roll your wrists a little or do you wait until your hands start to complain a little before you pause?

It is important to take breaks! It is so easy to marathon, or in my case stubbornly plough ahead until I am at the end of a row/section/bind-off even if my body is telling me it is quitting time. Experts say to stretch every 20 minutes… but realistically in a time of TV with no commercials I find that there are fewer cues to take a break… so at every episode end, we should try to get up to grab some water (stay hydrated!), roll our shoulders, flex our fingers,  generally be kind to ourselves!

My next pro-tip... very importantly … seek good lighting.  It made a huge difference for me when I bought a proper lamp with clear white light. Not only does it help see colours more clearly, but it reduced the strain on my eyes, which led to a reduced frequency of headaches.  Not mention it is easier to see what you are doing, so it helps reduce mistakes (or makes it easier to correct mistakes… because seriously, they still happen).

The tendency toward stitching marathons still happen because knitting soothes my mind.  When I need distraction I pick up a project that requires a little thinking (sometimes a lot of thinking) and I find that after a little while my mind lets go of the day and I get immersed in the project. It is just the ticket to shift my focus and allow my mind to let go of a stubborn topic. I turn to projects with charts for this : lace knitting, cable knitting, colourwork. Or I grab a project to tackle a technique that may be newer me!  I get the bonus of building my skills and distracting myself.

Other times I pick up a very meditative and simple stockinette or garter stitch project to help me think through a particular issue I am stressing over.  These projects are also great for marathoning TV series!  It is one of my guilty pleasures to stay up until dawn watching a series by myself.

As a knitter ( and crocheter ) it would be very disturbing to my life to have to take an extended break from stitching.  I personally have an arsenal of techniques, like stretches and different knitting techniques, to reduce strain, I just need to be mindful to use them!

In all of your stitching I sincerely hope that you are taking good care of yourself!

Happy Stitching!
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