Don't Start Over- Fixing Knitting Mistakes

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In this 2 hour class you will learn the anatomy of a stitch and learn how to “read” their knitting. You will learn how to spot a mistake and what to do to fix it. You will learn how to “un-knit”, pick up a dropped stitch, how to change a knit stitch to a purl.

Skill Level: This is a great skill building class for beginners that have attended the 101 level, as well as knitters looking to gain confidence in idenitfying and calmly fixing errors on the go.


  • With Worsted weight yarn and 4.5mm needles :
    Cast on 25 stitches and work as follows:
    Rows 1 through 6: K to end.
    Row 7: K to end.
    Row 8: K3, p until 3 sts remain, k3.
    Repeat rows 7 & 8  until piece is 3 inches from the cast on edge. 
    Leave yarn ball attached and the stitches on your needle.
    Plan to spend about a half hour of prep time. 

Please bring:  Please come to class with a swatch on the needles with the working yarn attached. Also bring a crochet hook (3mm is a good size to have on hand) and any questions and mishaps you might like advice on!

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