Knit Your First Hat! - Knitting in the round (2 sessions)

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Do you want to knit Hats? Mitts? Socks? Sleeves? This class is a great next step for beginner and intermediate knitters to get you working in the round!

In this beginner class, 2 session of 90 minutes (3 hours total) you’ll learn the fundamentals of knitting a tube on circular needles as well as using those intimidating looking Double Pointed Needles (DPNs)! We will cast on a hat in the first session on circular needles, and in the second session finish your hat on Double Pointed needles. You will learn how to join your work in the round with out the dreaded twist, learn the advantages of working seamless pieces, and get tips and tricks for using various forms of circular knitting!

    Skills required: K101 Level skills needed: You are comfortable creating the knit stitch, the purl stitch and can cast on and bind off.

    Please bring :

    • For Session 1: 
      • 16" Circular needles in 2 sizes : 4.00mm (US6) and 5.00mm (US8)
      • 100g of a smooth worsted weight yarn in a light colour
    • For Session 2 : there will be homework to complete, and you will also need 5.00mm (US8) Double Pointed Needles

    Student receive a 10% discount on materials and tools for class projects. we recommend coming a bit early to choose your materials and pick up your needles, in case any yarn needs to be we can start on time!

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