Steeking - Cutting your Knitting on Purpose - with Kate Atherley


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 It may well be the scariest thing you can do with your knitting... taking a pair of scissors to it! Steeking – cutting a piece of knitting – is on many knitters’ “bucket lists”, and this class is any easy way to learn about it, and to take the fear out of it. You will learn about the hows and whys of steeking, we will discuss the different methods of reinforcement, edging and finishing. Whether you’re a keen colourwork knitter looking to take your skills to the next level, or just curious what the fuss is about, this class will explain it all!

This class includes:

  • One 2-hour session

Skills required: intermediate skills; colourwork and garment experience helpful but not required

Please bring :

  • Completed Homework ... There is prep work to be done in advance of this class which will be provided upon registration.

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