Crochet Your First Hat!


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Now that you know how to crochet a a rectangle, where do you go next? Let's get you working crochet in the round!  Starting from the center out, we will cover starting rings, and how to work in the round flat (think rugs) and the not so flat (think hats, amigurumi, bowls)!  So many items can be whipped up in the round, from hats to slippers to rugs and more. This class is the perfect next step in crochet.

This class includes:  a pattern to create a customizable hat!

Skills Needed: Students should be comfortable Crochet 101 skills: the chain, single crochet and double crochet. 

Please Bring: 

  • 4-50mm - 5.50mm hooks, we can help you choose which you need based on your yarn choice.
  • 100g of a chunky weight yarn 
  • a couple of locking stitch markers.

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