Custom Fit Socks - with Kate Atherley


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This is a great compendium class to Kate's book
:Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet

Liberate yourself from pattern books and ensure your socks really fit properly! Learn how to create a completely custom top-down or toe-up sock pattern – for any yarn, and any foot.  We’ll cover knee socks, and discuss special fit requirements like high arches, flat feet, skinny and not-so-skinny ankles. We’ll show you how to deal with pattern stitches like lace, cables and colourwork, and how to manage differences in gauge and fabric stretch.  You’ll leave the class with guidelines for all your sock-fitting needs.

Skills required: Some experience with sock knitting least a pair or two

Homework: No specific homework is required, but if there is a yarn you’re interested in using to make socks, please make a small swatch as follows: If it’s sock yarn, use the needles recommended on the ball-band; if not, use needles a couple of sizes smaller. Cast on about 5 inches worth of stitches (e.g. 25 stitches for a yarn that knits to 20 stitches in 4 inches), join in the round and work about 3 inches of stockinette stitch. Cast off and handwash the swatch.

Please Bring: a Notebook and pencil, your yarn and needles as well as your swatch if you are using one. 

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