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For the past few years, I’ve been inspired and obsessed by the concept of modular squares, knit from the outside in. Until this pattern, I’d never found a practical way to use this motif on a sock.

This pattern was originally designed with a simple handpainted yarn in mind. The subtle texture of the squares worked well with the direction of the knitting, to create a unique, pebble-like effect. My partner can be thanked for taking it to the next level by using a self-striping sock yarn from Noro. Obnoxiously loud, but addictive to knit.

This ankle sock is knit from the toe up to the heel,
leaving a 24 stitch gap across the top of the foot.
Squares are then knit into that gap, and along the
cuff area of the sock. The cuff is later finished with a simple rib, and an afterthought heel is picked up, worked, and grafted.

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