Knit 101 - Learn the Fundamentals (2 Sessions)

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This class is for the Complete and Utter Beginners! ( as well as those that want to brush up on their skills from days gone by) In this extensive beginner class, you’ll learn or come to remember all the fundamentals of knitting!

Topics covered include starting a piece of knitting by casting on stitches, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, creating texture through mixing the two stitches, and how to end your knitting by binding off stitches.

You’ll learn how to follow a basic knitting pattern, about the fabric of knitting, as well as how to spot and correct your mistakes as you go.  You will be whipping up enviable projects with confidence!

You will learn to create your first set of handwarmers then you can will move on to creating a Cowl or Scarf!

This class includes:

  • Two 90 minute sessions (3 hours total),
  • Needles, yarn & pattern to make your first set of handwarmers. 

Skills required: None at all!

Please bring: For the first session Just yourself!  We provide all you need to get started!  Then we can help you can choose which delicious yarn you would like to use to make your next project(s)!

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